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Local Tax Bureau of Keelung City

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1. Welcome to Keelung
     1.1 History
     1.2 Geography
     1.3 Something about Keelung
2. About the Bureau
     2.1 Introduction of the Bureau
     2.2 About the Director
     2.3 Organization
     2.4 Statistics
     2.5 Functions and Responsibilities
     2.6 Contact Information
     2.7 Administrative Plan
3. Our Services
     3.1 Local Tax Services
     3.2 Multifunction Service Counter
     3.3 Multiple Payment Methods
     3.4 On-line Services
     3.5 Other Services
     3.6 Download
4. Tax Administration Information
     4.1 Laws & Regulations
     4.2 Finance
5. Local Tax Advoccaty
     5.1 Notice
     5.2 Land Value Tax
     5.3 House Tax
     5.4 Vehicle License Tax
     5.5 Land Value Increment Tax
     5.6 Deed Tax
     5.7 Stamp Tax
     5.8 Amusement Tax
6. FAQ
7. Contact Us
8. Latest News
     8.1 Hot News
     8.2 CNA News
     8.3 Ministry of Finance
9. Bilingual Glossary
     9.1 Names of Government Agencies
     9.2 Name of Road
     9.3 Glossary
10. Links
     10.1 Government Agencies
     10.2 Tourist Information
     10.3 Portals & Search Engines