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Local Tax Bureau, Keelung City


Functions and Responsibilities

Functions and Responsibilities of the Local Tax Bureau, Keelung City


In charge of the overall administrative operations.

Deputy Director-General

Assisting in administrative operations.


Comprehensive verification of copywriting.

Civil Service Ethics Office

Handle civil service ethics matters.

Accounting Office

Handle budgeting, accounting and statistical matters.

Personnel Office

Handle personnel management matters.

House Tax Section

Administration of House Tax, Deed Tax and other matters.

Land Value Tax Section

Administration of Land Value Tax, Agricultural Land Tax collection.

Land Value Increment Tax Section

Administration of Land Value Increment Tax, Stamp Duty Tax (Construction Benefit Tax), additional new local tax service, tax evasion search and seizure matters.

Vehicle License Tax Section

Administration of Vehicle License Tax, Amusement Tax Revenue Service and so on.

Enforcement and Refund Section

Administration of enforcement of fines and tax arrears, management of individual licenses, tax evasion, administrative relief, national compensation cases and the protection of taxpayers' rights.

Financial Data Section

Administration of operations control, information management, machine operation, system implementation, tax write-off, task allocation and tax reimbursement matters.

Public Services Section

Administration of tax payment services, promotion of tax laws and education, research and evaluation, and other comprehensive tax administration activities.

Administration Section

Handling of paperwork, files, routine work, cashier and matters not belonging to other units.

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