Local Tax Bureau of Keelung City-Other Services

Local Tax Bureau of Keelung City

 Other Services

Services During Lunch Break
        During the levy period, our service center will stay open during lunch break for your convenience.

Comprehensive Services for the Disabled
        the Bureau provides comprehensive services for the disables as it is equipped with barrier-free restroom on the 1st floor, special service buttons, Tactile characters, Braille signs and voice system in the elevator; barrier-free parking spaces, ramp, railings and other facilities.

Toll-free Number for Round-the-clock Services
        the Bureau offers a toll-free number: 0800-306969 to answer your inquiries about revenue affairs or taxation. Our staff is willing to answer any of your questions related to revenue affairs and help you handle various tax filing or tax payment. If you have any question after the Bureau hours, you can leave a voice mail and our staff will record your question and answer your question immediately on the following working day. If you would like to contact Local Tax Bureaus in other counties or cities, please dial this toll-free number: 0800-086969.

Voice Response System
        the Bureau has set up a toll-free number: 0800-422669 to answer your questions related to taxation through computerized voice response system. In addition, you can also call our service line: 2432-7711 which is a voice response system that can help to answer your questions related to taxation and updates of land value increment tax . You can also report illegal corruption by dialing this number .

Volunteers for Revenue Services
        To expand our services, the Bureau has invited citizens who care about public welfare to join the volunteer team for revenue services. These volunteers work in shifts to answer taxpayers' questions about taxation, assist taxpayers fill out various applications and help the Bureau promote taxation information.

Educate the People about Taxation through Various Promotion Activities
        To ensure that more people can understand laws and regulations of tax, the Bureau often take part in various holiday activities, festivals and gatherings to be close to the people and distribute various information on revenue affairs . Contests are also held to educate students about taxation .

Drive-through Services
        For the convenience of people who drive to the Bureau, the Bureau provides drive-through services , so that taxpayers would not need to worry about finding a parking space.

  • Inquiry about house tax serial number
  • Application for tax payment certificate of house tax
  • Inquiry about arrear of house tax and re-issuance of tax invoice
  • Inquiry about arrear of land value tax and re - issuance of tax invoice
  • Application for house tax payment certificate of the current period
  • Application for land value tax payment certificate of the current period
  • Inquiry about tax payment by transfer
  • Application for paying tax by transfer